Sergey Zakharov

Who I am

I am a full-stack developer with more than eight years of web development experience and around twelve years in software development in general. I have developed, deployed, and maintained a lot of public and in-house web projects and tools from scratch, both as a solo developer and as a part of a team. I've hired, educated, and managed developers, and reviewed their work. I'm able to quickly learn new technologies, concepts, and approaches. I have good communication skills. I have worked directly with clients, participated in every stage of a project — from the initial idea to the deployment and final presentation, — and have directed the development process of complex projects. I have co-authored and lead a web design and development course. I have developed an in-browser 3D game. I have varied work experience: a corporation, a research institute, an educational non-profit, a media outlet, a design agency, an ML-startup, and, lastly, a company that has millions of users and was #1 on the App Store and Google Play multiple times. I once was a co-founder of a compact web design and development studio.

I enjoy purposeful use of technologies, craftsmanship, and beauty. I value effectiveness, sustainability, and culture. I tend to think of a project as a whole and like to work across the stack, participating in the frontend and backend development, database and infrastructure management, as well as collaborating closely with clients, developers, designers, and other team members, making sure the project meets its purpose.

Russian is my native language and I speak English fluently. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics from the Higher School of Economics and have taken online courses on algorithm design, functional programming, system design, and 3D web development.

I'm up for project work, consulting, and collaboration

If you have a project or an idea you'd like to work with me on please write me an e-mail.

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