Sergey Zakharov

Who I am

Hi! I’m Sergey, an experienced web developer, an alt-web researcher and practitioner, and a know-it-all technologist and consultant.
I currently live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and work remotely wherever.

Alt-web is a term I apply to any unusual, weird, and innovative use of web technologies I encounter. And so it happens there is always a more or less passable bridge to the web from almost any information technology and design concept I know of. So I’m all over the place and time.

As of now I proudly bear the self-proclaimed title of an independent web developer™️ (whatever that means) and work on various cool projects with lots of different and amazing people while at the same time fighting the urge to sell out to the Big Corp (not sure if they even want me).

I’m also hosting a telegram channel dedicated to the alt-web and creative coding called The Witchery Upon Dark Waters. The English version is coming soon!

Some time ago I wrote an article for an educational project Bang Bang Education vaguely titled The Space of the New Web. The article is in Russian, but there is a small-to-medium chance I’ll revise and translate it.

To help the subscribers of my channel and other interested folk navigate the cunningly entangled space of the alt-web and creative coding I compiled a ginormous, opinionated map of resources, people, projects, tools, websites, books, tutorials, lists, lists of lists, etc., using an artisanal web tool for making mind maps called Kinopio. The map got so big that the tool couldn’t handle it and I had to contact Kinopio’s creator (a great and very helpful guy, btw). This bump won’t stop me from adding more and more stuff to The Map.

On the whole, I want to make sense of all the gathered data and personal experience, develop new skills and insights, continue the journey through this vast, fascinating world of technology, help others, share knowledge, and experiment while also being able to buy a new pair of sneakers.

Russian is my native language and I speak English fluently. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics from the Higher School of Economics. I have taken and completed Coursera’s courses on Algorithm Design and Analysis and Functional Programming Principles and Program Design in Scala (by Tim Roughgarden and Martin Oderski respectively). Both were great. I also took part in a summer school on algorithmic research.

Please contact me for a formal CV.

A list of my works:

What is my experience?

I have more than five years of web development experience and around eight years in software development in general.

I have developed lots of public and indoors web projects and tools from scratch, deployed and supported them. I have designed database schemes and optimized SQL queries, created custom backends, and worked with major frontend frameworks (Next.js, Nuxt.js, Gatsby.js). I have a solid grasp of modern web concepts (single-page apps, server-side rendering, data fetching and stale-while-revalidate, oAuth and JWT, CSS-in-JS, you name it) as well as the web foundations (HTML, CSS, SVG, modern JavaScript, and browser APIs).

I have successfully used headless CMS services (Contentful) and GraphQL, integrated e-commerce and cloud storage solutions (Stripe, Ecwid, S3), set up registration and oAuth flows, synced data through WebSockets, configured docker-compose, Ansible, Nginx, webpack, and have done some occasional DevOps stuff.

I’ve used three.js to create interactive 3d experiences, p5.js to draw weird things on canvas, anime.js to make complex animations, and tweaked WebGL shaders for cool effects.

I’ve written Node.js scripts for concurrent data crawling, Figma-to-React conversion, headless Chrome PDF-exporting, PowerPoint and Google Sheets automation, cryptocurrency exchange ledger logging, Slack and Telegram bots, and so on.

At various points of my turbulent career I had to write C#, C++/Qt, Python, Java, and Scala code for production, work with almost every major relational database, one very popular noSQL solution, and a few fairly exotic technologies.

I have worked solo and as a part of a team and value collaboration and opportunities to learn from peers. I have set tasks for other developers and reviewed their work. I have conducted hiring interviews. I have good communication skills and I have directed tech and org processes on projects where more than three separate teams were involved. I have lead and co-lead a web design and development course. I’ve worked in a corporation, a research institute, an educational non-profit, a media, a design agency, an ML-startup.

I’ve seen and tried em' all, had lots of fun and headaches, and now I am where I am — an independent web developer, a know-it-all technologist still curious about all this stuff, willing to help create something amazing and share my skills and knowledge with others.

What can I do for you?

I am available for consulting work.

I can help you:


Feel free to contact me with any project or idea you have and together we can decide if I can help you and how.